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Water kettles -Water Kettle ECG RK1777 Colore


  Water Kettle ECG RK1777 Colore
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This glass jug water kettle has LED display, that shows current water temperature, which can be adjusted between temperatures of, 60 ... 100°C, in 5 different levels.
Illumination in 5 different colours indicates different water temperature levels. The kettle also features keep-warm function. When reaching certain water temperature level, the kettle indicates it with coloured illumination and a sound signal. In addition to that the kettle can dechlorinate water, by boiling it about 3 minutes.
  • Water capacity 1,7 Litres
  • Wattage 2200 W
  • Cordless jug turnable 360 degrees on base
  • Limescale filter
  • Spring-hinged lid
  • Concealed heating element
  • Surplus power cord can be wind under base
  • Material: glass, stainless steel, plastic