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From  manufacturer to the company!

Business-to-business sales, or project sales part has been growing in our company for the past several years and our team is successfully working on keeping the trend rising.

We provide solutions for the hotel rooms equipment with the small appliances, merchandising of LCD TVs in the shopping malls, full service for the real estate selling companies for the kitchen and other equipment integration. Moreover, the supply our products to broadcasters, security service companies and take part in numerous campaigns for supplying them with prizes. For the national projects, the company has provided appliances for schools and dormitories.

In our B2B services we are happy to see the partners, who are interested in:

-        Ongoing partnership

-        One-time orders of bigger amounts

Special solutions

NB! For retail one-time company orders we kindly ask to send your requests to our reseller partners, whom you can find in the Clients section.

Information and prices: 

Elmaksi Hulgikaubandus AS

Tel 6 836 300

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